ZAP Grease MULTI is a truly universal and cost effective grease to lubricate and protect all types of metal parts. Widely used in passenger cars and light comercial vehicles lubrication points as a general lubricant in wet, dusty or dry conditions.

ZAP Grease MULTI is a multi purpose and cost effective grease for heavy duty applications where water and dust contamination are significant. It is intended for lubrication of bearings (slide, ball, roller, wheel-bearings), universal joints, chassis parts of trucks, trailers and other heavy-duty vehicles. ZAP grease MULTI has a good mechanical stability and provides protection of metal surfaces even in the presence of water.

ZAP grease MULTI is a perfect grease for agriculture equipment because of it`s multi-pupose and water resistance properties. Widely used in agricultural tractors, harvesters, seeders and other off-road equipment grease-point and nipple lubrication. ZAP grease MULTI is a cost effective product with a truly wide range of application. It protects metal surfaces against wear and corrosion thus extending the service life of agricultural machinery.

ZAP grease MULTI is universal grease for all kinds of forestry equipment such as harvesters, forwaders, crawlers, chippers and others operated under moderate loads. Thanks to it`s water washout properties, lubricated parts (bearings, bushings, joints) are protected against rust, corrosion and wear. It guarantees reliable lubrication and good pumpability at low temperatures.

ZAP grease MULTI with its unique mixed soap structure ensures an outstanding water resistance. It is a perfect cost effective lubricant for mining equipment working on extraction of sand and stones or earth surface excavations where water is present in abundance. It is formulated to protect metal surfaces against wear and corrosion.

ZAP grease MULTI is formulated to offer high levels of resistance to water. It is intended for lubrication of plain and rolling bearings operated under moderate loads. The grease provides protection of bearing surfaces even in the presence of water contamination. ZAP Grease MULTI is an ideal cost effective lubricant for general plant use.

ZAP Grease MULTI offers high levels of resistance to water washout and water sprayoff even when it gets slightly contaminated with water. A special thickener structure offers exceptional water resistance including sea water making ZAP Grease MULTI as a perfect cost effective lubricant for marine and off shore applications.

Item # Product name Content Cartridges per box Packages per pallet TDS MSDS
Z-11 ZAP Grease MULTI 400g Pull-Off Cartridge 24 50 Share Share
Z-11.1 ZAP Grease MULTI 18 kg Keg - 33 Share Share
Z-11.3 ZAP Grease MULTI 180 kg Drum - 4 Share Share